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Memorial Mustangs Outreach Bunch (MMOB) Rules and Expectations What is MMOB? MMOB is one of Memorial’s largest student-run volunteer organizations. We strive to provide quality volunteer work for numerous organizations as well as for our own planned events within the community. Our volunteer work ranges from sorting donations for the Houston Food Bank, to painting the horseshoes on Mustang Way, to even cleaning up Surfside Beach in Galveston. Under the leadership of its parent sponsors and its student Executive Board, MMOB includes over 850 students.

  • At the beginning of the school year, members must register online and pay membership dues. Both of these items must be completed before you receive credit for volunteer hours.

  • Members must sign up to volunteer for events online. You will not receive volunteer hours for events that you did not register for.

  • MMOB has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled event, we will deduct from your total hours.

  • If you sign up for an event but do not show up, these hours will be deducted.

  • Volunteers must wear their red MMOB t-shirt at all events.

  • Leaders are expected to wear blue MMOB t-shirts only during events they are leading.

  • During events, please be on task and put away your phones.

  • Volunteers must sign in when they actually arrive, and sign out when they actually leave. Please do not just write the start and end times of the event. If you do not sign in/out on the official MMOB sign in sheet, you will not receive credit for your hours.

  • MMOB does not tolerate dishonesty involving sign-in sheets, including: ○ Having a friend sign in/out for you ○ Signing in/out and then leaving the event ○ Inaccurately recording your time on the sign-in sheet: if you arrive or leave late, please indicate so on the sheet. Grounds for Dismissal During events, MMOB volunteers represent our organization and school. If you are dishonest in recording your hours or do not represent our school in a respectful and responsible manner, you will receive a warning or be dismissed as a MMOB member, depending on the severity of your actions.


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