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What is MMOB? MMOB is one of Memorial’s largest student-run volunteer organizations. We strive to provide quality volunteer work for numerous organizations as well as for our own planned events within the community. Our volunteer work ranges from sorting donations for the Houston Food Bank, to painting the horseshoes on Mustang Way, to even cleaning up Surfside Beach in Galveston. Under the leadership of its parent sponsors and its student Executive Board, MMOB includes over 850 students.

  • "Who can join MMOB?""
    Any MHS student can join MMOB. MMOB’s member base includes athletes and Markettes, members of Band, Orchestra, National Honor Society, and even students whose only extracurricular is MMOB. The common goal is to make a difference in our community. Everyone is welcome and needed!
  • "How can I join?"
    There are 3 steps required to join MMOB: 1) Complete the online registration and liability forms, found on our website, 2) Pay the $10 membership dues and pick up your MMOB t-shirt. It is also recommended that you sign up for text reminders on the Remind 101 link, found on the MMOB homepage. 3) You must set up a Memorial Mustangs account in order to sign up for events. See details below on how to do this.
  • "Do I need to renew my membership every year?""
    Yes, MMOB members must complete the registration and liability forms and pay their $10 dues every school year.
  • "What is the membership fee used for?""
    The $10 covers not only the t-shirt, but also the buses, supplies, food, etc. that are needed for many of our activities. None of parent sponsors are paid for their work. You may turn in your dues during Mustang Stampede, or into the MMOB mailbox located in the front office. Checks can be made out to “Memorial Mustangs Outreach Bunch.” Please turn in your membership fee in an envelope with your name and grade level. You will not receive credit for your volunteer hours until you have paid your fee.
  • "Where do I get a MMOB t-shirt?""
    MMOB t-shirts will be distributed during Mustang Stampede week at the MMOB booth. There will also be a time at the beginning of the year during lunch periods when members can pick up their t-shirts. If you’ve missed these distribution dates, please contact the VP of Membership to arrange a time to get a shirt.
  • “How do I sign up for activities?”
    1) Sign into your account. If you have not registered for MMOB, you will not be able to do this. Your account credentials will be the same as your school account. 2) Navigate to the Event Calendar page, and choose the event you’d like to sign up for. 3) Find the “RSVP” button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirming your registration. You cannot register a friend for an event – you may only sign yourself up.
  • “Do I really need to sign up for activities in advance, can’t I just go to the activity?”"
    This is not allowed. Each event has a maximum number of volunteers that can sign up. Too many volunteers can cause conflicts with transportation and job assignment. In every case, those that have pre-registered for an event will be the only ones allowed to participate. If you volunteer at an event without signing up online, you will not receive credit for hours.
  • "How do I sign in and out at events?"
    Locate the leader of the event (wearing a blue MMOB t-shirt). They will have the official MMOB sign-in sheet. Please sign in with the time you actually arrive at the event and sign out at the time you leave. Do not simply write the beginning and end times of the event.
  • “May I leave events early?” “If I can only participate in an event for part of the time, may I still sign up?”"
    No, you may not do this. When you sign up for an event, you are committing to volunteer for the full time allotted. If you will not be able to help for the full duration of the event, please do not register.
  • “How can I see how many volunteer hours I have?”
    You can check your hours on our Hours Spreadsheet which is under the Member tab.
  • “I volunteered and signed in and out at an event, but I still haven’t received credit for my hours. What should I do?”"
    First, make sure that you have paid your $10 membership dues, which will be indicated on the MMOB hours spreadsheet. If we have received your payment, there will be an X next to your name. If you have paid your dues, please note that processing hours can take up to a month, due to the large number of volunteers in MMOB. If a month after your event, you still have not received your hours, please email Ms. Long at
  • “I’m really sick or have an emergency. I will have to cancel less than 24 hours before an event. What do I need to do?”
    Email your leader or chair as soon as possible explaining why you will not be at the event. Hours will not be deducted for certain scenarios, such as emergencies.
  • "Can I have outside community service hours count for MMOB hours?”"
    MMOB will not transfer in any hours outside of MMOB activities. We cannot accept any hours from non-MMOB events.
  • “When can I get my MMOB hours transferred to NHS?”
    MMOB hours are transferred to NHS one time in the spring, and those hours will be deducted from your MMOB hours. You don’t need to sign in under NHS when you volunteer at events. You will need to make a one-time request in writing in the spring asking to have hours transferred. Contact Ms. Long at with any other questions about transferring MMOB hours to NHS. Leading an Event For details on the specific duties of leaders, chairs, and VPs, please refer to the leadership documents distributed at the beginning of the year. If you need another copy of these, please email the President.
  • “Where can I print the MMOB sign-in sheet?”
    Log in to the MMOB website, and click on “Sign In Sheet” under the Events Tab.
  • “How do I cancel an event on the MMOB website?”
    1) Go to the event that you would like to cancel 2) At the top of page there is a "Cancel RSVP" option, OR 1) Go to the "My Account" page, click on "Events" 2) Go to the drop down menu and there will be an option to "Cancel RSVP"
  • "How many hours do I need to receive a President's Volunteer Service Award?"
    The number of hours you need depends on your age group! The hours requirement for each tier of Award you may receive can be found here at:
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